A Warm Welcome

There are so many ways you can welcome someone home.


You could do it "sincerely:"

You could do it musically:

You could add an extremely specific qualifier:

You could also rant about the bakery's poor spelling skills...

(Isn't it ironic? Don'cha think?)


...times "sevan":


Or - my personal favorite - you could leave a note on the counter for the travelers to find around 11pm after spending 9+ hours driving through tornado warnings and stopped holiday traffic and harrowing accident-filled highways on the way home from Dragon*Con. That way, they can stagger through the door, drop their many bags, and gaze with wonder and appreciation at your thoughtful missive:

So sleep tight, y'hear?


Thanks to Loretta, Tess S., Val D., Gini M., Lisa P., Courtney S., and to John's mother, Mum, without whom this post would not have been possible, since I might have been sleeping tonight instead of writing it. Must. Stay. Awake. [twitch] WHAT WAS THAT? DID YOU HEAR THAT? DID SOMETHING JUST BUZZ?!