A Healthy Appetite

So, Wreckies, how are those get-healthy New Year's resolutions going?

Mine are going GREAT. Here, let me run down my list with you:


1) Eat more greens


(Look, it has real lettuce on it. Of COURSE it's a salad.)


2) Also eat more fruit


(Granted, green grapes and chocolate icing aren't really my thing, but I'm committed this time, guys. I'm gonna see this through.)


And speaking of seeing things "through"...


3) Start an Activia video diary like Jamie Lee Curtis told me to

Er... Ok, I'm actually a little "behind" on this one, [BWAHAHAHAA POOP JOKE] but it looks like this guy has gotten a "head" start: 

I bet he's calling Jamie on his banana phone right now to tell her the good news!


4) Avoid pasta


(That's the new "I CAN believe it's not pasta!" from Duncan Hines. It's also gluten-free! Which means it's, like, TWICE as healthy.)


5) Eat more fiber

You'll never believe this, but after I wash the polyester fuzz down with some milk, I'm actually completely stuffed!


And my final get-healthy resolution:

6) Start running!



Thanks to Tianna B., Rachel T., Sara R., Laura P., Patti M., & Greg B. for keeping me on track.

Btw, if you want MORE running inspiration, check out the rest of artist Scott Hove's "Cakeland" exhibit. [shudder]