Sunday Sweets: Fall Weddings

And now, Sunday Sweets presents ...
The Top 10 Reasons To Have a Fall Wedding!

 Are you on the fence about having a fall wedding? Well, don't be. There are plenty of great reasons to get married in the fall, and here is reason #1:  Fall weather is simply bee-utiful.

By Sugar Buzz!

  Buzz-worthy, even.


 Reason #2: Fall colors flatter everybody.

Submitted by Brittany B. and made by Patisserie Bechler

Have you ever seen anyone standing in front of a golden autumn sunset, awash in orange, reds and yellows, and look bad?  No, you have not. Physically impossible.


 Reason #3: Nature's fall bounty = super-cheap decor. 

By Cake Madam

 Yep, just snip a few branches from an oak tree, head down to your local marsh and pick a few cattails, throw in a few flowers, and boom: centerpieces.


 Reason #4 to have a fall wedding:  You can have a wedding photo shoot in great big pile of leaves!  Ack! It will be so cute! So cute, everyone will barf from the cuteness!

By Jody's Pantry Catering

 Try frolicking in some gilded leaves like these if you're feeling extra classy. Ooh, just think of the fun!


 Reason #5 is even more fun: Instead of leaving in a limo or horse-drawn carriage, you lovebirds can head off into the sunset on a hayride.

By Studio Cake

 Ok, so this cake does not actually feature hay, but close enough. You might be surprised to know how hard it is to find a quality hay-covered cake these days. (Then again, you might not.)


 Reason #6: There are so many great smells in the fall. Pumpkin, apple cinnamon, woodsmoke, amber candles, pine, mmmmmmyeah.

By Creative Cake Designs

 You want to know what a summer wedding smells like? Sweat. Take it from someone who got married in July.


 Reason #7: Think of all the romantic songs about 'harvest moons' and stuff you could play!

By Martha Stewart

 I currently can't think of any, but I'm sure they're out there.


Reason #8 to have a fall wedding: There are literally 25 million more fall wedding ideas floating around the internet than spring wedding ideas. I'm not even exaggerating. Google it.

By Jacques Fine European Pastries

 "Did she say 25 million?!"

"I'm totally tweeting that."


 Reason #9: As any seasoned pro will tell you, if you're trying to squirrel away some money, rates are often cheaper in the fall. It's nuts! (Sorry. That was acorny joke. I'll leaf it alone now.)

By Cake Girls

 (But promise me you'll think about it before you make any deciduous.)


 And the number one reason to have a fall wedding is...

By The Cake Diva

 It's just the perfect time to FALL in love.



 (Also, how cute would it be to carve your initials into tiny pumpkins and scatter them throughout the room? Also, you could have a s'mores bar! Also, the flower girls could throw leaves instead of flower petals! Mini pecan pies as wedding favors... hot cider ... caramel apples ... somebody stop me, or invite me to a fall wedding already!)


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