The Blizzard of Odd

It's only two weeks 'til Christmas, bakers. Quick! THROW PLASTIC CHRISTMAS FLOTSAM ON EVERYTHING!

Oh come on, man. PUT YOUR BACK INTO IT!


That's better.


Now, go make some cupcake cakes {PATOOIE!} that defy all laws of logic and common sense. DO EEET!


Yessss, and use sprinkles instead of colored icing! GENIUS!


I don't know what's happening here, but I like where your head's at.


Ok, now make a Christmas King Cake, because it's been WAY too long since those things got me in trouble:


Of COURSE you can still use the purple sprinkles and little plastic baby, silly! It's a King Cake! But for Christmas! AND THIS MAKES TOTAL SENSE!


Now pass the eggnog, and let's go flash people on the street with our ugly Christmas sweaters for tinsel!

WHOAH THERE, St. Nick. I said flash our sweaters!

And you call yourself a saint. REALLY.



Thanks to Daisy B., Andrea J., Ginny V., Lizz, Holly H., & Christine V. for the cup of holiday crazy.