Sunday Sweets: Polar Opposites

There are few things in this world that can be stated with absolute certainty, but two of them are:


(By Jen's Party Cakes)


1) This polar bear is freakin' adorable...


(By CMNY Cakes)


2) These penguins ROCK!


Well, if penguins and polar bears are so great separately, doesn't it follow that they'd be even better together?

(By Cakes by Roxanne)

"But, wait!" someone will say, "You can't put polar bears and penguins together! They're from different poles! They are, in fact, polar opposites."

Well, someone -- can I call you "someone?" -- I say if we can put a man on the moon, then we can find a way to get these kids together!

We just need to find a mode of transportation.

Maybe the penguins could hitch a ride with an orca:

(By The Chocolate Moose)


...or grab the tail of a bright blue whale:

(By Cakes by Maylene)


A jolly gentleman with a recently emptied sleigh might stop by with friends and take a few penguins home for a visit:

(By Cakes by Samantha)


Or perhaps this cool chick will take a wrong turn using Apple Maps and stumble into a penguin colony:

(Submitted by Ellie R. and made by Choccywoccydoodah)


Of course, if you think it might be too hard to get a polar bear to pull a sled full of penguins, we could always ask some sled dogs:

(By The EvIl Plankton)

Who knows?  They might be tired of running around Alaska.


But maybe we're being too complicated. The penguins could just hop a ship:

(By Charm City Cakes)


They wouldn't even have to dock. Just pull up alongside a handy iceberg!

(By Highland Bakery)

 ...and voilá!


See, now that I've explained how we could make this work, it's not all that far-fetched, is it?

So the next time you find yourself taking a little vacation way up north... 

(By Nice Icing)


...and you see this gang hanging out together:

 (By The Couture Cakery)


Chillax. It's totally cool.

Special thanks to Haiku Joy, who made a chance comment in an e-mail that inspired this post. (Your daily haikus make me snort in an emphatically unzenlike manner.)

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