Sunday Sweets: Snow Day

Remember when you were a kid, and you'd look out the window on the way to bed, and it would be snowing?

By Diane's Cakes and More

Great big flakes.


And you hoped it would snow A LOT, but you didn't want to jinx it, and then when you woke up there was snow everywhere?

By Wedding Cakes for You

That deep, fluffy snow that coated everything and made you want to run outside and make forts and snow angels?


But first, you crawled back into your warm bed for a while,

By Once Upon a Cake

because how often did you get to sleep late on a school day, after all?


And when you finally got out of bed, you threw on your boots,

By CakesCrazy


and that scarf your Mom knit for you

By Pink Cake Box


and ran outside to build a snow family?

By Dahlia's Custom Cakes


And you realized you were cold and wet, so you went inside, flung off your wet winter clothes,

By Jacques Fine European Pastries

and made a cup of cocoa... drink in front of the fireplace?

By Scrumptious Cakes

And you grabbed that last candy cane you were hoarding in your stocking to use as a stirrer?


Then you spent a blissful hour lying on the warm rug, reading your Calvin and Hobbes books?

By A Baked Creation
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And when you were done you played your favorite video game for a while, like, I don't know...


Submitted by Autumn O., and made by Cake Nouveau

...Super Mario Bros?


And by then you were warm enough that you had to go outside again, to go ice skating with your friends?

By Robyn Loves Cake

And it was so much fun everything felt magical?


Well, that's a Snow Day.


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