Sunday Sweets: The Wizards of Ahhhh

The other day I was browsing through my Kindle, trying to decide which of my treasures to read next, when I realized just how many wizards -- and witches -- were lurking in there. I figured it might be fun to celebrate wizards made of cake, their worlds, and the Cake Wizards who make them so magically.

Back when I was growing up, we had The Wizard of Oz,

By Mike's Amazing Cakes

and he really was wonderful.

I have to show your the other side, too, because...

Well... because, because, because, because, because.
(Because of the wonderful things it does.)

Nowadays, it seems like wizards are everywhere.

There are young ones...

By French Kiss

Did you notice the "throne" is made of books? I guess that means we can have our cake and read it, too.


...and the quintessential older wizards with long white hair and flowing robes.

Submitted by Evie W., made by abbietabbie and inspired by Enchanted Cakes for Children by Debbie Brown.

I desperately want to tickle that mouse's tummy.


Of course, we can't talk about wizards without talking about Harry Potter.

Submitted by Emily S., made by Sogni di Zucchero

Swish and flick...


He and his friends brought us along to a magical world of quidditch and castles and streets that ran diagon-ally.

Made by Heather M.

Don't you love the cobblestones on the cake stand and the Gryffindor scarf edging?

While I was relieved that "All was well" when the books ended, I always wanted just a little bit more information. Did you know J.K. Rowling gave an interview that fleshed out the characters' lives after the final book in more detail?
(OK, finish Sweets, then grab a piece of cake and read this.)


Still, lest we give Harry too much attention, you shall not pass without admiring this wonderful cake with Gandalf the Grey (and Saruman -- two wizards for the price of one!)

By Blossoms and Buttercream

It's fantastic, by Gollum!
(Really. See, he's back there on the right!)


I couldn't pass up this cake from when Gandalf came back as Gandalf the White.

By Amanda Oakleaf Cakes

Wow, he's even more protective of his books than I am! I've got to get a sword...


Of course, not all wizards are good guys -- or guys -- at all. Remember The White Witch, Jadis, from the Chronicles of Narnia?

By Claudia Estela Rosales -- do you have a website we can drool over? Please let us know.

That witch seriously needed a good talking-to and a cup of hot chocolate to sweeten her up -- although in her case, it might take a couple of gallons...


And then there are the witches from Oz.

By Christoper Garrens

Although Elphaba wasn't really bad, just misunderstood.
(Doesn't her arm get tired?
Maybe we should give her another drink of green elixir.)


I'm so glad Oz is still going strong, even though it has gotten decidedly more...

By Charm City Cakes

...well, you know.

Have you seen it yet? The story! The singing! The gorgeous steampunkiness (yes, it's a word, trust me) of the sets and the costumes!


There are even wizards who aren't people at all.

By Sabrina Santucci

Sometimes they're mice wearing hats.

If this ever appeared in my kitchen, it would be a really tough choice between having it mop the floor and eating it for breakfast.
(Y'know, the floor looks pretty good right now... Where's the milk?)


It takes a real Cake Wizard to make wizard cakes this magical. Whether they use wands or fondant tools, I'm glad they're willing to share that magic with us.


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