Sunday Sweets: Leggo My LEGO

For all you parents who think your kids have nothing but LEGO on the brain:

Found here, and made by Sweet on Cake

They do.


Or, ok, at least sometimes it seems that way. But really, who can blame them? And who can resist a cake made of LEGO that is actually cake?

By Cakes & Biscuits by Lisa, photo by Cracker's Art [more party pics at the link]

Part of me wants to play with that forklift. The other part wants a fork and a glass of milk.


The classic primary color bricks are still the most popular, of course:

By Cakes By Ashley


But now there are also pretty pastels out from the new LEGO Friends line:

By Star Bakery

Not to mention those mini-figs sure have come a long way, am I right? I love the little shoes.


The most popular LEGO series, though - at least going by the amount of cakes I've seen for it - is Ninjago:

By Cuteology Cakes

These little ninjas are EVERYWHERE. In fact, there's probably one behind you. You just can't see him, because he's a ninja. And also probably really small.


Then there are the LEGO video games, which have taught us that every beloved movie character is at least 43% cuter when LEGO-fied:

By Mike's Amazing Cakes

Na na na na na na na nanananaa...BATMAN!


By CakeCentral member natskys

You remember Luke, right? He's the guy who flew around in the Millenium Falcon...

Submitted by Mary Anne P., made by Cake Central member hvanaalst

...with that guy who found the Ark of the Covenant:

By Julia's Cakes

"Cakes. Why did it have to be cakes?"


Here's a Sweet for a real LEGO wizard:

By MegMade Cakes


LEGO love isn't just for kids, though, and I have the wedding cakes to prove it!

By Mad Eliza's Cakes and Confections

Don't you love the brick borders? Such a fun touch!


Or for something a little less subtle and a lot more WOW:

By Couture Cakery

WOW. Look at those details!

Now there's a wedding built on a firm foundation of fun, fondant, and... er... flowers. Love it.


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