Wow. I guess this guy started his celebrating early! He's even looking a little green.

And yes, sorry, dude; I'll quit screaming now.


Oh, but I can't let you go without at least one St. Patrick's day greeting, so here:

Haha, just kidding! This is actually a sobriety test. If all you can see is the word "SMEGHIT" then you should probably stay in tonight.


Speaking of which, you guys are welcome to join me, John, and my Guinness-soaked chocolate chips tonight for a few rounds of our new Supernatural drinking game. The rules are simple: just drink when any of the characters do. We should all be smashed by the first commercial break. ["SMEGHIT!!"]


Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go get ready for tonight's marathon by salting the doors and windows and finding an iron poker and also learning how to kiss in Irish.

Er, those things aren't all necessarily related, btw.



(Sam? Dean? Thoughts?)

Thanks to Constance H., Alisa B., & Laura M., who thinks someone may have actually asked that last baker to write, "Kiss me," IN IRISH.

Sadly, the world may never know.