WE Will, WE Will...

Wreck you.

I had so many starts and stops trying to read that second line, I can actually feel my neurons overloading. It's like the visual equivalent of trying to step out on hot coals. I'm suddenly fighting the urge to sing Daisy and invite you to a game of chess. (Don't tell me to open the pod bay doors, pal, I'M TRYING TO READ A CAKE OVER HERE.)


Still, it could be worse:

Aw, now, don't start the waterworks.


The only thing missing from this heartfelt goodbye is "you!"

And the "d" and the "y," but really, who's spelling these days?


I'm almost starting to think everyone should just stick to "Bon Voyage!"

...but after carefully examining the issue, I've decided that banning Voy rage is FAR more important.


Look, I know it's never easy to say goodbye. I just never realized how hard it was to spell it.

Proving once again that if you buy people cake, they will love you.

Which is essentially what all my book tours were based on.
(awwww yeeeah)

Thanks to Shelli E., Chandy M., Niki D., Frank M., & Heather S. for the parting shots.