Lost Exorcist Birth Scene REVEALED!!

 Now here's a baby shower cake that'll really turn some heads:


"Get me an old OB-GYN, and a young OB-GYN..." *

Of course, the scariest part is that this isn't supposed to look like Linda Blair from The Exorcist; the baker was just going for a funny baby shower cake. Still, I'm seeing a goldmine of baby-shower-theming potential here!

Think about it: chilled pea soup and deviled egg appetizers? Pin the horns on the demon-child? The Poopy Diaper Game? (Admit it: you knew that thing was evil.)

Frankly, if someone doesn't make this happen, I'm going to be crushed. CRUSHED, I say.

Oh, and, you're welcome, party planners.


Thanks to Karen R. for making my head spin.


*Since I've never actually seen The Exorcist, I don't know for sure if the old priest/young priest line is in there - but I only use the most trusted sources.