My Bad, Dad

This Father's Day, there's nothing like a cake to express your feelings for dear old dad.

 He just might have to read between the lines a little:


"Because I've always wanted to give you the finger."


  "The farther away you are, the better."


  "Social convention dictates I acknowledge this holiday.

That doesn't mean I have to wish you a happy one."


"We're both laughing, but for different reasons."



"And by 'anchor', I mean you're a huge drag."



"Your number slipped into the the triple digits this year, so I just left it blank."


And just in case those little plastic pieces didn't get the point across:

"Hey, Dad!

"...You're a giant tool!"



Thanks to Scott A., T.D., Sarah C., Colleen B., Kellie B., Alicia Y., & Jen W. for telling us EXACTLY what that's supposed to mean.