A "Cake" With Reel Sole

In honor of International Sushi Day, I've reached way, WAY back into the CW archives for my favorite punny post. Enjoy!

You guys, I've been e-mailed this "cake" so often I'm getting a haddock, and I'm starting to think there's something fishy going on. Did the cake's non-baker shellfishly do this on porpoise? I'm not hard of herring, you know; I just can't fathom why you all would want a sushi "cake" on Wrecks. But then I figured, hey, maybe I'm just being crabby - why not post the photo?

You know, for the halibut.


Thanks to the roughly half-zillion of you out there who sent me this link. (Click for recipe & directions.)

And before you ask, why yes, I am a Dr. Demento fan. 


(So, did I miss any fish puns? Don't be koi and leave me to flounder; let minnow!)