Sunday Sweets: Beatle Mania

Today's sweets are a tribute to the Greatest Band in the History of the World:


 No, wait, that's not it.   

 ACE of BASE!  

 Whoops, that's not it either. Oh, I see the problem. Looks like I was in my "Guiltiest Pleasures in the History of the World" playlist. Ok, here we go. Presenting the Greatest Band in the History of the World:


Made by  Luckey Cakes

 So hop in your yellow submarine and come together (Ha! See what I did there?) to enjoy these sweet treats featuring the Fab Four.


And here they are now, playing their fondant hearts out for Sam's Bar Mitzvah.

Sub'd by Amy G. and made by Sweet Talk Cakes

 So much detail here, right down to Paul's left-handedness.  Pretty sure the lights aren't edible, but they make for a cool effect. Honestly, it would be so wrong to eat any of this cake. Let it be!


 I don't know what type of event could have possibly necessitated an "I Am The Walrus" cake, but I do know that I would like to be invited next time.

 When you saw this cake, were the next words that entered your head 'goo goo g'joob?' I bet they were. (Or 'koo koo ka choo,' if you're like me and have been saying it wrong your whole life.)


 How sweet are the little hearts floating out of the top of this cake?

By Martha Makes Cakes

I think this cake is an homage to the Cirque du Soleil show Love, which is an homage to the musical legacy of the Beatles.  So it's an homage to an homage. Of cuteness.


 I'm blown away by the album art on this cake. I spy Abbey Road  and Revolver, but there may be more in there.

 What talent!  Don't feel bad if you can't recreate something like this yourself.  Next time you make a cake, just frost it with plain old vanilla icing and tell your friends it's the cover of the ninth Beatles' album, "The Beatles." Everyone will be totally impressed.


 Check out the awesomeness happening all over this Beatles wedding cake. When the groom proposed to his bride-to-be, rumor has it he knelt down on one knee and gently whispered the words, "I want to hold your hand ... forever."

Sub'd by Michelle N. and made by Sweets Lorraine

 I just made that up.  But I bet that's how it happened.


 You know what would have been even better than giving Kath this Beatle-themed cake on her 60th birthday?

Sub'd by Lindsay C. and made by Jackie's Cake Kitchen

 Waiting four more years, duh.


And now, for the younger fans, meet "The Rattles." Way cooler than your standard baby-rattle shower cake.

Sub'd by Reed and made by Kimberly Chapman.

 I'm dying to know the rest of the rat-bands on this cake. Simon and Ratfunkle?  Fleetwood Mouse? Bob Vermin? The Rodent Stones? 


Here's another kiddie Beatles-themed cake: 

Sub'd by Allison P. and made by Sweet Lady Jane

 Because you're never too young to start being cooler than your friends. "Oh what's that, Tommy?  You've never heard of The Beatles? Pssh, they're only like, the coolest rock n' roll band of all time.  Pass me my sippy."


As you can see, a lot of today's cakes were inspired by The Beatles' Yellow Submarine film and album art.

Sub'd by Sharon H. baker unknown

  Something about psychedelic pop-art in fondant form is too fun to resist. Isn't this one a dream? It's like a carousel for my eyes!


You can't buy me love: False. Because you can buy me this cake, and that's practically the same thing.

Sub'd by Rachel S. and made by Carla Ikeda

 So pretty! I lovity-mclove it. All the happy colors and layers and layers of  kaleidoscopic embellishments, it practically makes me want to break out in song. (I won't, but if I did, I would pick "Here Comes the Sun," that's my very favorite!  What's yours?)


 In conclusion, if The Beatles taught us one thing, it's this: All You Need is Love. Either that, or Love Is All You Need. I can never remember which.

Sub'd by Julia G. and made by choccywoccydoodah

 Love, of course, and cake.


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