We've Been Scrooged!

Remember how Scrooge McDuck always said to "work smarter, not harder?"  (No? Aw, go play with your pokey balls, youngsters. AND GET OFF MY LAWN.)

Well, just imagine what ol' Scrooge would have to say about these

"Thanks, Sandi Make the S into Dollar Signs $"


Sadly, this next directive failed on all counts:

And to think: all she wanted was Happy Birthday, arched like a rainbow, with the middle clear for a candle. You know, nice and simple.



This is how a wreckerator shows off. "See? You SAID 'white writing' and I WROTE 'white writting' in white writing. I even threw an extra 't' in, no charge."


I think ol' Scrooge would have been proud of this one, though:

After all, it IS a lot easier to write "blue anchor" than actually draw one. And judging by the amount of wrecks like this I see photographed at home, SOMEBODY is obviously buying them. Why, you'll be swimming in your own vault of pennies in no time, wreckers!


Thanks to Leslie S.,  April B., Ashantae, Kristi L., & Ellen S. for the fowl advice.