Fee Fi Fo Fana!

Yesterday we learned that writing names on cake can result in some pretty unfortunate nicknames.

But what if you already have an adorable nickname? Like "Briana Banana?" How do you wreck that up?

Well, in that case, I supppose the baker could always misspell it.

But that's kind of boring, right? So, let's see... what if - hypothetically - the baker mispelled "banana", but then also, instead of drawing a banana on the cake, she tossed a real, unpeeled banana on top?

No, wait - first she should shrink-wrap the banana and draw a smiley face on it with a Sharpie. Eh? And then tie a bunch of curly ribbon around the banana stem. Totally.

And then - THEN - just because all of that makes way too much sense, the baker could sprinkle something really ridiculous all around the shrinkwrapped smiley-face banana with curly ribbon tied on its stem. Something like...I dunno...little tiny dog bones.

Yeah. That would be one AWESOME wreck. Hypothetically speaking, of course.


Right, April A.?