Sunday Sweets Goes Green!

Did you hear? Pantone has announced the official color of 2013, and it's GREEN!

Submitted by Jacki L. and made by Cakes by Eve

"Is it dragon green?"


By Caroline of The Roli Poli Cake Company

"Mike Wazowski green?"


By Lena's Designer Cakes

"Cowabunga Green?"


And before you ask, it's also not Starbucks green...

By Jenny L.


Salad green...

Submitted by Amy S.; baker unknown.


Or Yoda green:

Made by amateur baker Morgan R.

"Disappointed, I am."

And while I'd be delighted if this year's color were Green Lantern green:

Submitted by Sara C. and made by Amy Beck Cake Design


Or Yoshi green:

Submitted by Kristy L. and made by Sweet Disposition Cakes


Or maybe even Hobbit Door green:

Submitted by Sarah F. and made by Love is Cake


It's not.


No, I'm happy to report that the official color of 2013 is Emerald green:

By Martha Stewart Weddings


Speaking as both a May baby and someone who's tired of the drab pea-soup and army greens that have been dominating the clothing aisle, I couldn't be happier about this year's color. Here's hoping today's Sweets warm you up to the choice, too!


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