Hey, yesterday was LEGO's 55th birthday! Yep, that's 55 whole years of tiny bruises and hopping around the house on one foot while cursing - which is definitely grounds for cake, don't you think?


Hmm. Maybe a LEGO cake would be more appetizing.

Now, in theory, a LEGO brick cake is pretty simple to make: just stack cupcakes on a sheet cake, frost the whole shebang, and then stick as many LEGO flotsam pieces on it as possible so people don't think you've created an edible skin rash:


 I have an irresistible urge to step on this.


You can also use the time-tested, wreckerator-approved method of just writing what the cake is supposed to be ON the cake, so people are sure to get the hint:


If I were Kyle, I'd be hoping there were another 9 cakes waiting in the wings.


Still, those aren't half bad for homemade, right? Of course, they're not homemade, they're professional. And so is this:

 (The Cliffs of INSANITY!)


And this:  

It's like the underside of a sheep belly. A cold sheep belly.

(Ok, not THAT cold, but still, you know, pretty cold.)


And this: 

 There's a "sh***ing bricks" joke in here SOMEWHERE, I just know it.


If you want your LEGO cake to get really confusing, just add crayon candles:

 I see a pair of goggles exploding rainbows. Which is almost awesome.


And you're never going to believe it, but this, too, is a professionally made "LEGO" brick cake:

[looking around]

[shifty eyes]

Ok, if no one else is going to say it, I will:




FUN FACT: The little bumps on LEGO bricks are called "studs."

FUNNER FACT: Today's wreckporters Breanna, Amanda K., Cindy S., Autumn & Dylan, Sondra D., Brian K., Gwen I., & Cricket are total stud-magnets. Awww yeeeeah. (Also: ouch.)