Turkey Talk

"Well, hello, there! SO nice to see you."


"Absolutely stunning weather we're having, don't you think?"


"Say, have you done something with your hair? Because it. looks. fabulous."


"And those shoes! So perfect!"


"Did you catch the game last night? I do love our boys, but I gotta say the other team beat us, fair and square."


"Ah, would you look at all these teenagers running around??

Such well-behaved youngsters, all of 'em."


"You know, I always enjoy meeting new people, but you have been especially delightful."


"No, no, please, after you. Bye, now!"


Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, everyone.


Thanks to Brandi, Cheyenne D., Jessica, Lindsay B., Marie, Stephani, Rhonda G., & Joanna for being extra nice.