Sunday Sweets: Watercolor Cakes

Apparently watercolors date back as far as the cave paintings of Paleolithic Europe. (Thanks Wikipedia!) It was done on things like stone, leather, papyrus, and now ...

(By AK Cake Design)

You guessed it! Cake!


Heck, maybe it was always done on cake, but everyone ate the evidence back in those days.

(By Nevie-Pie Cakes)

I mean, given the choice between a slice of beautifully watercolored cake such as this one, or a hunk of buffalo carcass, I'd go for the cake.

I probably wouldn't have survived very long back then.


But enough talk of carcasses. (Carcassi?) Back to the pretty cakes!

(By Hey There, Cupcake!Photography by Siegel Thurston Photography)

And this pretty cake is particularly stunning. Look at all those bright beautiful colors!


I love the transparency here, almost like the cake was wrapped in tissue paper:

(By A's Exquisite Cakes & Chocolates; Photo by Jessica Schmitt Photography)

(Dear wreckorators: PLEASE do not go and actually wrap a cake in tissue paper. Please. No, really. Put. The paper. DOWN.)


Did your art teacher in school ever show you that trick of sprinkling salt over your watercolors? It gives it this super-nifty texture, kind of like... this!

(By neli)

It's like an ocean wave of the night sky, with pretty flowers for stars. Love it.


Of course, my watercolors all tended to be a drippy mess - but thanks to this next one, I know drips can be deeeeeLIGHTful:

(By The Art of Cake; Photo by Erik Hornung Photography)

Like rain down a window, or tears down a cheek, or something equally poetical and artsy.


Or how about a modern Jackson Pollack approach, with random splatters and splashes?

(By I Dream of Cake)



Edible paints are sweet, of course, but good ol' buttercream can also give you that soft watercolory look:

(By Miso Bakes)

It's like springtime on a plate! I love those dreamy pastel roses.


And how's this for a painting come to life?

(By CakeCentral member Panel7124)

Once again I'm not sure I could bear to let anyone actually CUT this cake. I just want to put it on a shelf and stare at it forever and always.


And finally, check out this frothy, watercolory wonderfulness:

(By Lucia Simeone Cake Design)

I dub thee... rhapsody in blue!


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