Turkey Countdown

Ok, people, T-Day is in exactly one week! So let's sound off.


Turkey Roach?



Turkey Snake?



Turkey Bride-of-Frankenstein?

"Here - but to be frank, this hair is a little out of season."


Turkey Ball?

"I prefer Butter Ball."


Turkey Flaming Football?

"My ball. My ball. My ball is on FI-YUR!"


Turkey Groins?

"First one to make a 'stuffing' joke gets his wattle torn off."


Turkey Face?

"I am not a human being! I AM AN ANIMAAAL!"


Aaaaand last but not least... Turkey Poo-Wang?



Ok, look's like we're all here! So let's get out there, peeps, and make this a Turkey Day they'll never forget.


Thanks to Cara B., Edward G., Robert S., Hannah W., Julie M., Lori C., Hannah W., & Crystal E. for reminding us to be thankful... for pumpkin pie.