It's All Geek To Me

OK, I'll admit it. My family's a teensy bit tired of all my geeky quotes — and puns.

Look, I can't help it. They're all lurking in my head, just waiting to pop out.

But you're not tired of them, right?

Great! Then,

Shall we play a game?

Let's see how geeky we can make some otherwise not-geeky cakes.


(BTW, if you didn't get that reference, stop reading right now and go watch Firefly. Wait, read the rest of the post, then go watch Firefly. All of it. Now.)


Some people might freak out when they see their angel cookie looking more like a Killer Klown.

Don't Panic!

You can always cover it with a towel.

But, to be safe, don't blink! Don't. Even. Blink.

(I know I'm not going to blink at all during tomorrow's Dr. Who special. Allons-y!)


So, anyway...

I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that.


Why? Because you KNOW the end result:

Dogs and cats, living together. Mass hysteria!


Maybe I'm overreacting.

We should be able to get through a little betrothment cake without too much trouble, right?

C'mon, baker, make it so!

What? You thought I'd say "Engage?"

Nah, I was thinking more along the lines of one ring to rile them all.


Even I wasn't expecting the next cake.

Nobody expects such Spanish imprecision.


Now, I'll admit this last one isn't a cake, but it is a baked good, and I had to:

Wait for it...

She's bread, Jim.

Actually, I'm also seeing chocolate syrup and poppy seeds — although I'm not sure we're letting you see them.

I guess she's only mostly bread.

She's been mostly bread all day.


I hope you enjoyed this geeky little side trip. If not:



A long, long time ago, in some bakeries far, far away, Meredith B., Sarah C., Amy V., Gabby R., Erin B., Carrie H., Lea S. and Stefanie surreptitiously slipped out their cameras and took these pictures, sharing cakes, their final affront, here. We salute you!