Supper Bow Tie Optional

What's that? The Super Bowl is this weekend? WOOHOOO!!

That means it's time for the annual reappearance of...

 The Super Bowel!



 Too much. A little too much.


In their continuing quest to use gingerbread cookie cutters for everything BUT gingerbread men, bakers have finally scored their most discomfiting design yet:

And just like that, every football phrase I know got dirty. o.0


Hey, ever wonder what wrecks will look like in the future?

Yeah. Me, neither.


My Roman numerals are a little rusty, but I'm pretty sure the W stands for 1.2 Gigawatts:

(That joke is funnier when you realize there IS no W in Roman numerals. Which means I had a good chortle when I looked it up just now.)

Seems to me bakers are better off leaving out the numbers all together. That way, they only have to focus on finding new mispellings for "bowl":


My new favorite. Does everyone have their supper bows on?


I know that professional sports have a way of dividing people against each other, so can we all just agree now that this mud pit with its two shrubberies is the REAL winner?



After all:

And actually, if you could just send the food my way in a doggie bag, that'd be awesome. (I have some Downton Abbey to catch up on.)

Thanks to Dan,  Cammy A., Carrie A., Grace, Elizabeth L., Jim K., Anna M., Sarah S., & Josie H. for remembering to include extra BBQ sauce with the pigs-in-a-blanket.