Sunday Sweets: St. Patrick's Day

Blarney! Today is St. Patrick's Day!

By Three Little Blackbirds

What better way to celebrate than with some St. Patrick's Day Sweets?
Because honestly ... that's about the extent of my celebrations.


I'll admit, St. Patrick's Day is a holiday I'm not quite sure what to do with.
First of all, I don't drink ...

By Tami Utley Sugar Art

(Although I would totally eat this! It's so fluffy!)


... and B: I'm not Irish.

Submitted by Brenda T. and made by KupKakeTree

Like the olde Irish proverb says: There are only two kinds of people in the world, The Irish and those who wish they were.


And today, I guess that's true, because St. Patrick's Day for me just means watching my Lord of the Dance DVD (don't judge) and wearing green if I happen to remember.

By iambaker

At least there are plenty of flattering shades of green, as illustrated by this fabulous cake. Oh, the time it must take to make a cake like this. That's coloring, baking, and frosting SEVEN separate layers, people.


It reminds me of all those super-moms on Pinterest who have St. Patrick's Day themed breakfasts with stacks of rainbow colored pancakes, or set little leprechaun traps with their kids. That's what this adorable cake is, hence the ladder:

Submitted by Deborah C., made by Not Martha

But you know what? This cake inspires me. I could make a leprechaun trap too. Why not? Yeah! I am OWNING you next year, St. Patrick's Day!


Besides, I will happily celebrate any holiday that gives me a valid excuse to stockpile chocolate.

By Cake Central member Leslie2748

What a genius idea to put the coins inside the cake. I'm pretty sure if I was in charge of a pot-of-gold cake, I would have just smooshed them into some frosting and called it good.


And here's another genius idea: using clover and horseshoe-shaped cookie cutters! You're thinking that doesn't sound very geniusy. Well, scroll down, my friend.

Submitted by Sarah K. and made by Nicole at Life's a Batch

Pretty darn genius.


And these clover-cookies are also doing double-duty as a rainbow over two of the most perfectly precise St. Paddy's day partiers I've ever seen.

By Jill of Funky Cookie Studio

(The background painting was done by the baker's 3-year-old grandson. So cute.)


But if you're looking for a more grown-up good time, then this cake surely won't disappoint:

Submitted by Kelly D. and made by Le Couture Cakery

Unless of course, you try to drink it. Hey, it's so realistically shiny, it could happen. (Love the pretzels too!)


After all these beer and leprechaun cakes, would you believe me if I told you St. Patrick's Day cakes could be elegant and sophisticated too?

By Cheryl's Creative Cakery

NOW do you believe me?


And hold on to your knickers for this one:

Submitted by Rosemary D. and made by Bobbette and Belle Artisinal Pastries

That is one crazy Celtic creation.
Or serious Celtic sensation, depending on how you pronounce it.


And here is one final St. Patrick's Day celebration all rolled into one: rainbows, clovers, gold coins, beer, leprechauns ... the only thing missing is corned beef!

By KC Cakes

Happy Driving The Snakes Out Of Ireland Day!


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