Mega Con-fusion

As you über fans/stalkers already know, John and I spent the last three days at MegaCon, a local sci-fi and comic book convention. (Yep, we're some of "those" people. HI.)

It was a delightful time, and we had a blast meeting lots of you readers, gawking at Star Trek celebs, and taking pictures of all the awesome costumes. In fact, after three days it's a little strange to see people NOT wearing rainbow wigs and light-up armor. I don't suppose some of you would carry around six-foot foam swords while I adjust back down to reality, would you?


Anyhoo, at every con there are always some costumes you can't ID - kind of like certain character cakes. (See, THERE's the segue you were waiting for.)

For example, I can almost guarantee you know who this character is, so see if you can guess:

Nope, it's not a skinned Princess Leia! Try again.

Give up?


It's this guy:

I guess you could say that cake really took the Mickey out of him. [Bah dum CHA.]



 John and I saw TONS of My Little Pony costumes at the con, though thankfully no one subjected Pinkie Pie to quite this level of humiliation:


[wincing] Ouch. Let's get an official reaction on this one, shall we? 

Pinkie? Your thoughts?

Yeah. Us, too.


We also saw plenty of Spider-Men ...

K, I give up: what is that head made of?


... Avengers:


 (Yes, yes, I KNOW it's supposed to be Thor. Quit spoiling my fun, details.)


... princesses:

Though thankfully none with tentacles sprouting from their bazooms.

 ... and, of course, zombies.



Well, I'm off to sort through all my photos, so I'll leave you with an awesome wreckplica of everyone's favorite Darth-Vader-Riding-A-My-Little-Pony cake, which we printed onto pins, which we then gave out to any readers who found us at MegaCon, thereby completing THE CIRCLE OF LIFE:


Told ya it was awesome.


Thanks to Gretchen W., David S., James P.,  Santiago P., Mary, Analiese F., & Kathryn K. for the mega lolz. Oh, and if you guys want to see *my* costume from this weekend, plus all the pics I took of everyone else's, be sure to watch my other blog, Epbot!