Sunday Sweets: Easter Treats

Not to put a bee in your bonnet, but ... it's Easter!

By Highland Bakery


I hope this news doesn't take you by surprise. It's just that Easter came way early this year for some reason. Did you know that Easter next year isn't until April 20th? That gives us almost a whole extra month to plan and prepare and hand-pipe our insanely exquisite stained-glass Easter cookies!

By Corrie Cakes

That's totally why I didn't whip out a batch this year. Yeeaaaah.


Who decides when Easter will be anyway? Is there a council somewhere? A meeting of the minds? And are giant chocolate eggs somehow involved?

By Alessandra Cake Designer

Because I will go to that meeting.


No, actually, it's very easy to explain. For instance, say the Easter egg cookies on this lovely cake represents the phases of the moon. And the two tiers represent the earth as it orbits the sun, and – assuming we're using the Gregorian calendar –

By Global Sugar Art

I actually have no idea.
But the cake sure is pretty! I love me some pastels in springtime.


And here's another sweet springtime celebration:

By The Frosted Cake 'n Cookie

Baby chicks and spring flowers and new grass, what better way to celebrate the season of rebirth? I would also accept something like this for 'birth.' Perhaps that would quell the tide of terrifying 'lady-in-labor' cakes. Because yeah, they exist.


And we couldn't possibly talk about Easter sweets without an appearance from the Easter bunny himself:

By Ali's Cakes

I love how he's standing there with open arms amid the lady bugs and daisies. That's exactly how I welcome springtime too. But with pants on. Usually.


Hmmm, which do I eat first, the chicken or the egg?

By Em's Cakes and Cookies

It's impossible to say; they are far too cute to actually eat. Maybe a surreptitious lick. But I would snap off and chow down on those Cadbury eggs, you'd better believe that.


Awwww, this might be the sweetest Easter bunny I've ever seen, and not just because 95% of him is sugar. Look at his little pink nose and tilted head!

By Autumn Carpenter

Adorabunny! I'm loving that fake dirt too.


And I love how the swirls of this cake are echoed in the ribbon.

By deviantART member buttercreamfantasies

That is some eggsemplary attention to detail. What? I had to throw in at least one egg pun today.


And here is one last bunny, preciously polka-dotted and perched in a basket, wishing you

By Fantasticakes by Cecile

A very happy Easter!


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Note from john: Lindsey was kidding. She knows how they come up with a date for Easter. I, on the other hand, do not. I should probably Google that. *googlegooglegoogle* Wow that's complicated. Right, then! Happy Easter! [goes back to bed]