Sunday Sweets: Happy Easter!

It's Easter! I hope that news doesn't come as a shock to you. I would hate to send you on a frenzied run to the store for the last bag of plastic eggs and cheapo jelly beans, because you know that's all that's left by now. No, I hope the only egg hunting you're doing today involves eggs like this:

By Jane Asher

Edible and full of chocolate!


And may your jelly beans be of the edible variety as well! (Pretty sure the cheapo ones aren't meant for human consumption).

By Keki-girl

I love the use of jelly beans on this cake as tiny eggs for the bunnies to find! Or maybe they're actually those little chocolate eggs - I can't tell. Either way, it's Grade A adorable. (egg joke!)


Here's a good, clean twist on the guy-popping-out-of-a-cake bit: It's the Easter Bunny!

Submitted by Brenda T. Baker unknown.

Fun and family-friendly! I can't guarantee he's not hare-less though. Ha ha, ew.


And speaking of fantasies, sometimes I dream big and imagine Easter basket filler that won't be scattered through my house 'til Christmas.

By Pink Cake Box

And I think I've found the solution. Edible grass! I love the little tufts of it here and there on this cake, and even poking out of the duck's fist!


This next cake makes me weep for my piping skills, which have never actually existed.

By Sugar Creations

I could no more free-hand the words "Happy Easter" in a fun and frilly font that perfectly matches the mood of this confection than fly to the moon.


But I COULD slather thick chocolate frosting on a cake to resemble bark, like this cake!

By Tracey Lau

Oh, wait, then I scrolled down and saw the rest. I guess I'll have to work on perfecting my fondant roses, stems, and bunny bum. Maybe next year. Or the next.


Here's another perfectly piped pretty, and how about that chocolate glaze, huh?

By The Evil Plankton

It's so smooth and shiny it's actually reacting to the camera flash!


And what's Easter without a little springtime chick to represent new life, and rebirth, and cuteness?

By Tracey Best Cakes

Side Note: spring chickens are really cute and everything, but they don't make for good pets. Especially if you're say, in college, and find yourself kinda bored one day and decide to buy a little chick (it was like $2!) and keep it in a box in your dorm room. It's a bad idea. Or so I've heard.


All of which awakens the age old question: which came first, the egg-shaped cake pan or the chicken-shaped cake pan?

By Lomfise

Or... wait a minute... are they...
My mind, it has blown.


Here's an equal opportunity cake! I always thought the Easter Bunny was a boy, but judging by her sassy orange bow and flirty eyelashes, I'm guessing this one is a girl.

By Mila Bolos

And judging by the amount of carrots here, I'm also guessing this is a carrot cake. Totally false advertising if it's not.


There's no shame in digging into this cake; looks like someone already started!

By Bubble and Sweet

Can't blame them, it looks pretty irresistible. Do you think all the layers taste differently? Lemon, lime, blueberry, um ... purpleberry(?) and strawberry?



Omlettin' you know that this last cake is eggstraordinary, and that's no yolk! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I really tried to hold off on the egg puns as long as I could.

By SugarEd Productions

Sweet eggs in a basket!
(Is that a saying? It seems like it should be a saying.)

As if the dozen delightfully decorated eggs weren't enough, they're nestled into a huge chocolate basket of delectableness! It would be so easy to just snap off one of those handles and run. (Er, did I just say that out loud?)

And speaking of running, this candy isn't going to eat itself. Uh, I mean, I have my daily five mile run Yeah. That.


Happy Easter!