Happy Oreo Day!

This isn't a real post, guys, so don't mind me. I'm just popping in to say 'Happy Oreo Day' the best way I know how.

Ok, bakers, can we make this cake look like a big Oreo cookie? 


Er... can we just write "Oreo" on it, then?




And since this isn't a real post or anything, I'm going to balance out the wreckage with a big ol' Oreo Sweet:


By The Cake Gallery

If that were filled with actual Oreo cream filling I'd be trying to dig my way through my monitor right now. Seriously. That guy with the Oreo machine that removes the filling? He's, like, my arch nemesis. (And don't tell me the second Oreo machine is any better, because then I'll be forced to make a lot of inappropriate jokes about its cream removal method, and NO ONE WANTS THAT.)


Ok, one more, just 'cuz these Panda cupcakes are so gosh-darn cute:

From Karen Tack's book, "Hello, Cupcake!"


Happy Oreo Day, everyone!

Thanks to Kim K., Thomas S., & Lynn E. for making today Double Stuffed. (And also to my friend Missy for reminding me it's Oreo Day. WHOOPSIE.)