So Easy, A Wreckerator Couldn't Do It

Don't worry, bakers; today's decorating challenge is SUPER easy. I'll even walk you through it!

Now, are you ready?

Annnnd... [starting timer]... go!


Ok, just throw the ball towards the basket:


And count to three:


Now put the candle on this kid's birthday cake:


And stack these two plastic pieces together to form a turkey:

 And for the grand finale...


 Just remember which way is up!



Congratulations!! You have officially earned the title of Wreckerator! Here's your apron, bag of plastic flotsam, and list of "50 Wrong Ways To Spell 'Congratulations.'" Now, get out there, you, and make us laugh!

Thanks to Elise H., Betsy G., Anna K., Nicole H., & Vanessa W. for lowering the bar that much further.