Whatever Happens, Let's Be Prefessionals

I'm pretty sure today is one of bakers' least favorite holidays ever, if only because it's so stinking hard to spell:

(I admit it: I had to double check that there aren't two Fs in "professional.")


(Just to be clear: there aren't.)





I like how this baker just omits the word entirely:

...and yet still falls down on "Adminiestrations." Heh.


I'm curious to know how THIS happened:



Still, you've got to hand it to the baker: at least "professionals" is right! After all, that's a tough word to spell. Just ask a team of editors, proofreaders, graphic designers, and one sheepish cake blogger:


(Just in case anyone out there is still wondering why there's a sticker on the cover of Wreck the Halls. :D)


And finally, though today used to be known as Secretary's Day, you should never call it that. And if you're a boss of the male persuasion with an assistant of the female persuasion, then you should especially never call it that, misspell "Day" and then pair it with a Betty Boop figurine:

 Don Draper called, and he wants a glass of rye. Chop chop, darlin'.



Thanks to Al D., Nancy P., Mary P., Jennifer C., Dana F., Ellery T., & Piper S. for all the assistants!