Dear Dairy

[Monday, April 29th]

Dear Diary,

Today's my first day decorating at the bakery! I'm going to keep a photo journal so I'll have a ready-made portfolio when I open my own cake shop. I'm so excited!!


8:45 am
My piping skils might need a little work:


10:00 am
Spacing is HARD!


10:45 am
Spacing's getting better, but I really need to figure out how to fix missteaks mistakes:

The guy who picked this up kept going on about how I "double-crossed him," and laughing. Must be a Game of Thrones thing.


12:45 pm
Woohoo! I have mastered the art of chocolate drizzle!

I know it's good because customers keep stopping to take pictures of my work!


1:30 pm
Another success! I had a really complicated order but I was extra careful to write it all down exactly and now the customer wants to see my manager!

I'm totally getting a raise!


2:45 pm
Huh. I really thought Kalhteen's mom would be pleased, but she seemed kind of grumpy.

I guess she doesn't like rainbows.


4:00 pm
Woohoo! Carol says I'm the best decorator in the whole department! She even let me try my first cupcake cake to celebrate:

Who's number one? It's me!!


Thanks to Trisha B., Phillipa P., Monique R., Maggie D., Kim B., and Eric S. The road to disillusionment is so much more fun when traveled with friends.


PS: Let the Princess Bride jokes...BEGIN. ("You don't happen to have six fingers on your cupcake cake, do you?")