Sunday Sweets: April Bridal Showers

Excuse me! Attention, everyone!
I'd like to make a toast to my best friend, the beautiful bride-to-be.

She may have kissed a lot of frogs in the past...

By Flour and Fondant

... but she eventually found Mr. Right, and we were so thrilled when he hopped...
er, popped the question!

They've set a date.

The invitations have been sent.


They've taken their engagement pictures in a field of plumeria and it was the cutest darn thing I've ever seen:

By Clare's Cakes

Barefeet! So cute.


She's ordered her flowers ...

By Christina's Dessertery


... and her dress is already hanging in the closet, awaiting her big day ...

By Vivian of Bespoke Cakes

Now, there's only one thing left to do:


Yep, it's bridal shower time!
So sit back and relax, my dear, and enjoy the following bridal shower cakes to mark the occasion. (And I promise I won't do any whining about how bridal shower cakes these days are, like, fifty times awesomer than my wedding cake ever was.)


Holy carp, like this one!

By Rosalind Miller Cakes

Just beautiful. The muted colors are so lovely, it's like looking at a dream. A dream that you can eat! And how about those silhouette figures? Love them.


And speaking of silhouette dreams,

By Berliosca Cake Boutique

... here's another couple finding love in a two-dimensional place.

I just need to point out that this bridal shower cake appears to be twice the size of my wedding cake, but I'm totally not whining. I swear.


And I'm not seething with resentment over this adorable little Stitch and Angel cake topper, either.

By Nerdache Cakes

I mean, I didn't have a cake topper on my bridal shower cake, but oh my goodness, she's wearing a shrug! And little pearl earrings!


And here is another canoodling cake couple so cute I can bearly stand it.

By Julia Hardy, design by Debbie Brown

Haha, they are totally playing footsie. Pawsie?


But we can save the twosomes toppers for later, because today is all about YOU, girlfriend.

By Cake Lady Cakes

That's why we got you this "Wedding Day Survival" kit, filled with all the essentials you may need on the big day. PS: It's filled with cake. What else is there, am I right?


Now, at first glance, this cake might not look like a bridal shower cake, but look again!

By The Pastry Studio

It totally represents your wide circle of friends.
Or that your single life is circling the drain.
Or the circle of life.
You pick.


Anyway, I truly hope your day is perfect, right down to every last itty-bitty embossed, embroidered and mind-blowingly-hand-beaded detail.

By Rosebud Cakes

Congratulations on your big day! Cheers!


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