Sunday Sweets: April (Baby) Showers

Warning: today's post contains violently delightful images. An all-out onslaught of adorableness awaits you. That's right, it's Baby Shower Sweets time! Prepare yourselves! Are you ready?

You'll never be ready.


We've already lined up a pair of twin baby bears in widdle baby diapers to serve on the front-lines of today's cuteness attack.

By Dream Day Cakes

Clearly, there will be no mercy.


No, your eyeballs are about to be showered with more sweetness than they can possibly handle.

Submitted by Nancy P., made by The White Flower Cake Shoppe

Did this cake do you in? Can you withstand all that whimsy? Did you think it looked extra tasty too? I did, and then I learned it was all buttercream - no fondant - and now everything makes sense.


Aha! Don't look now, but here comes one of the horseman of the Cuteocalypse.

By Pretty Cakes

He brings with him polka dots, preciousness, perfectly-piped pennants, and more preciousness.


Sweet Crocs on a cake, take a look at this!

By On the Sweet Side

It's quite literally, the sweetest pair of Crocs, in existence ever, on a cake. Sweet Crocs on a cake indeed. I'm going find an excuse to say that in everyday life.


Do you know what's cuter than a button?

Sub'd by Amanda C., made by Miso Bakes

That you can EAT.


Additionally, what's more fun than a barrel of monkeys?

By Design Cakes

Obviously, a CAKE full of monkeys. Monkeys with swirly little tails and itty bitty belly buttons and look at that one with his tongue hanging out, ohhh my. Deep breaths. Hee, hee, hooooo.

I'm fine. It's not getting to me at all, I swear.


You seem to be holding up well to this baby shower blitz.
It's time I pull out the big guns:

By Sweet Grace Cake Designs

Baby duckies! Bubbles! PUNS! Take a moment if you need it.


But not for too long, because we're back in your face with another pun:

By Cakeage Cake Craft

... and an owl cake so delightful it could make Chuck Norris clap his hands and squeal with glee.


OK, now be careful. We're in dangerous territory here. Let me inform you before you smash your head into your monitor for a closer look that no matter how realistic it seems, this cake truly is cake:

By Kate of Vanilla Lily Cake Design

It looks innocent, but it can kill you with cuteness.
Or at least cause you to leave a greasy smear on your screen.
And no one wants that.


And this next cake is so sweet it could give your eyeballs cavities:

By Sugared Productions

Don't say I didn't warn you.


Well, before you experience a case of post-traumatic cuteness overload, I'll leave you with my favorite cake of today:

By Art Cakes

Congrats for making it to the other side of the cutest baby shower cakes anyone has to offer!
You done good, kid.


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