Oh What A Difference A Letter Can Make

When Joe's wife was turning 30, he decided to "ease the pain" by ordering her a light-hearted cake. Unfortunately the baker's English wasn't that great, though, so "a little was lost in translation."

Joe thinks this version is funnier - let's just hope his wife agreed. :D



My favorite part was Joe's postscript, though:

"P.S. I never corrected the baker, sooo she still thinks this is how to spell CAKE... and she's a baker... who spells it CAKA."

Hey, it could always be worse, Joe. At least your baker only combined "cake" with "kaka" in writing:

The irony, of course, is now I actually need some Pepto Bismol.


Thanks to Joe S. and Jennifer P. for showing that some bakers really DO give a crap.