Sunday Sweets: Happy Mother's Day!

The wonderful thing about mothers is that no two are alike. Every one is unique and worthy of celebrating. So today, let's celebrate moms, in all their infinite, cake-appropriate varieties.

Some moms drive carpools...

By Donna Makes Cakes


...and some drive jeeps:

By Tuff Cookie Cakes


Some moms like relaxing at the spa:

By Jo of The Icing On The Cake


... and others like roughing it in the great outdoors:

By Pink Cake Box

(I know lots of moms who'd have a hard time choosing between those two, and others who would just consider them two different and undesirable ways to get covered in mud.)


There are crafty moms,

Sub'd by Rita F. and made by Meg Davis


... handy moms:

By Debbie Does Cakes


Moms who are masters of the kitchen,

Sub'd by Meghan B. and made by A Little Something Sweet Bakery


... or masters of take-out.

By Salt Cake City


There are moms who rock guitars,

By I Heart Cakes


and cradles:

By McGreevy Cakes, which has a video tutorial here.


So, for all the mothers out there, thank you for just being you.

By patricia o'brien & co.

Happy Mother's Day!


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