After all of the weekend's Mother's Day celebrations, I think it's time to balance things out with some extra MANLY cakes. Think you can do that, bakers?

Good, because Andrea here would like a "manly" 39th birthday cake, if you please.

No, no, see, I mean the cake. Make the cake manly.


Try again for Stephanie P.'s order. Go on. Make it manly!


Hmm. Maybe the word is what's tripping you up. Ok, look: Bre J. wants a 30th birthday cake for Reese. Reese is a boy, so she wants a cake that reflects that. See, she even wrote "male" in parentheses after his name on the order form.

...which, come to think of it, may not have been the best idea.

("Malie?" Really?)


Tell you what, bakers, just make us a generic cake, no writing, and give it the manliest decorations you can think of. Something that really screams "MAN CAKE," you know?

Oh, you've got something? Great! Let's see it.

Touché, bakers. TOUCH´E.


Thanks to Andrea, Stephanie P., Bre J., Nathan W. for at least not giving us another shuttlecock cake.