Graduated Layers

Graduation season is upon us, my friends, and I for one couldn't be happier. Not only do I get to revel in the fact that I'm a "prefessional adult" who's DONE with school [NEENER NEENER], I also get an excuse to drag out some of the old grad wrecks I never got around to posting.

Here's one from the last Ice Age in internet terms, aka ten years ago:

That was the year we learned to ix-nay on the unfortunate onograms-may.


Skipping forward a ways, we come to "2009":

Year of the "Dipolma" and "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks.


In 2010 we had a fresh crop of Permedics celebrate their "gradudlion:" 

It's a tough call, but I'm pretty sure "Gradudlion" is my new favorite misspelling. The trick is to put the emPHAsis on the second sylLAble, like this: GraDUDlion. And then pronounce the end bit "leon" instead of "lion." Go on. Say it with me: GraDUDlion. GraDUDlion. [Ignore those co-workers; they're just jealous.] Now once more, with feeling! GRADUDLION!! YEAH!

[looking around]

[sitting back down]

[patting hair back in place]

K, where were we? Oh, yes: 2011. The year we learned that only the very BEST cakes get reserved for store displays:


 The grace. The dignity. The spacing.

(First one to say, "But at least it's spelled right!" gets the patented Jen Death Glare. DON'T TEST ME, PEOPLE.)


In 2012 bakers broadened their horizons by combining the fine art of Dali-esque surrealism with a post-modern monochromatic aesthetic:


I call it, "Tar Donkey Butt-Peeing."


So what will the 2013 grad season bring? Well, I hate to speculate, buuuut...

I've got a pretty good feeling about it.


("Graguates gradudlying! Graguates gradudlying!!")


Thanks to  Stephanie F.,  Jen S., Alana G., Brittany R., Daffny A., and Julia A. for gradudlyating at the top of today's class.