Challenge Accepted, Reddit. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

So you've probably seen the graduation wreck from Reddit that went viral this week. You know, this one:

Everyone's been focusing on the misspellings, but the real unsung "hero" here is that spacing.


This thing has been EVERYWHERE this week, and the way people are reacting - with the ROTFL-ing and the up-voting and re-posting on every major news site and all the OMG THIS IS THE FUNNIEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN LOLOLOLOL - well, I might be starting to empathize with a side of chopped liver.

[cuing up violin]

I mean, remember the time we had that "celebiation of learnin"?

And when the Wicssaset Gardautes were Cogngrtaualated?

Or what about my Graduaccion, guys? What about that?

Go d! GO. Bless you.

[sniffling] Five years in, I tell ya, and it's almost like the tossel WASN'T worth the hastle:

And that hurts, guys. IT HURTS.

[staring dramatically out rain-streaked window]

We just never seem to Imagin, Draem, OR Achive together anymore:

And we used to...[lip wobble]...we used to DREM BIG. Remember?

[blowing nose]

Look, I know you have funny cake needs. I do. And I guess sometimes you're going to look at someone ELSE's funny cakes. But you know what? At the end of the day, I'll still be here, serving up your Cograts on Garautions:

 BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, that's why. (There, I said it.)

And also because this Oreo addiction isn't going to pay for itself. 

But mostly that first thing.


Thanks to Sara M., Brooke B., Yvette A., Cynthia, Lizzie & Taylor, Ashlee R., Sarah B., & Susan H. for always loving me unconditionally, and also for knowing better than to challenge me to a baby shower wreck-off. [evil grin]