School Daze

Hey kids! Now that August has rolled around, school is starting soon!

I guess we all know how you feel about that.

If it's any consolation, your parents feel the same way when they pay for your school supplies.
("How can you possibly need 37 1-inch plain white view binders?!?")

Supplies in hand, you'll be learning important life skills like:

How to follow directions:


... handwriting:


... and the importance of finishing your work:

(Also, irony.)


What will your favorite subject be?



Social Studies?

(That extra one on the bottom really pulls the whole thing together, doesn't it?)


Spelling and Grammar?


Or maybe you're one of those kids who likes P.E.:

(I was not, so that "bat" sums up my feelings perfectly.)


Whichever it is, remember to go easy on your new teachers; chances are they're still in vacation mode, too.


Scholarly thanks to Amanda M., Colleen M., T.S., Molly McG., Steve V., Patrick T., Annette H., Heather Y., Oomps62, Michelle M., & Julie, who followed our submission guidelines perfectly -- I guess they paid attention in school.