Sunday Sweets: Adventure Is Out There!

Hey, you know what time it is?

(By Jocelyne at Over the Top Cakes)



Yep, it's time to head into parts unknown, where we'll explore new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, and boldly go where our destinies and fortunes take us.

And by "fortunes" I mean, of course, giant treasure chests filled with ... um, fortune:

(By Truly Scrumptious Cakes)

(I'm especially loving the giant googly eye and heart eye patch on Miss Skull over there.)


First we have to get there, though, so be sure to choose the most fantastical mode of transportation possible:

(By Make Pretty Cakes)

(Also acceptable: Nautilus-style submarines, flying luck dragons, and ruby slippers.)


Although if we happen upon a blue police box, I'm warning you now:

(By Cakes by Jody)



Of course, every proper adventure needs a loyal, swashbuckling companion:

(By Sweet Ruby Cakes)



Oh, and at some point we'll be required to run screaming from a giant monster who later turns out to be friendly. Let's see, I'm thinking... dinosaur. Yes? YES.

(Submitted by Rebecca H. and made by Mea Sculpture Cake Design)

This makes me ridiculously happy.

(Speaking of which: hey, Rex, if you're happy and you know it...! :D)



Of course we'll have to face some real villains at some point.

(By Tatiana Melfa of Dolce Tati)

Though hopefully not this many at once! Yikes!
(Also, WOW! So gorgeous!)


Once we're done with all the running and screaming and climactic showdowns, though, it'll be time to burst into song with a few adorable woodland creatures. Or maybe penguins:

(Searched for ages, but couldn't track this down! Anyone know who made it?)


And no matter how you arrived at your adventure, you always have to leave it with a dramatic take-off - maybe by umbrella like Mary Poppins up there.

Or, if you have a tendency to overpack:

(By Cake Central member PennieK)

(I've seen a lot of UP house cakes, and that is - hands down - the best edible balloon bunch I've seen.)


Then, once you're safely home and ready to tell your tale, you'll realize what the greatest adventure of all truly is:

(By Sihirli Spatula)

D'awww. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to go bawl like a baby over a cartoon again. (Curse you, Pixar!)


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