Sunday Sweets: Robot Rock

Robots are awesome.

Well, most of them, I mean. Obviously the Terminator/War of the Worlds/Furby models need to be killed with fire, but the REST are pretty dang cool. Cuddly, even.

No, seriously! C'mon, tell me you don't want to snuggle with K-9 here:

By Imaginative Icing

How adorable is he?! I just want to take him home and introduce him to my cats. After all, if they thought the Roomba was great...


Of course, some robots can be a bit more....debonair. Right, R2?

By The Uncommon Cakery

[beep boop WOOO-AAAH!]

That's droid for, "Check me out in my bow tie, ladies!"


Hey, kids, do you know what time it is?

That's right:


Submitted by Paula D. and made by The Bunny Baker

I guess technically Optimus is a kind of alien robot, but let's not get distracted from how amazing he looks on that cake stand. (Er, the stand made of cake, that is.) Every detail is just stunning.

Oh, and you can tell this isn't the movie version of Optimus Prime because he's not surrounded by a giant exploding fireball. Heh. Aheh. Heh.


When Doctor Who fans marry:

Submitted by Desiree L. and found here; baker unknown.


I like how the cake uses the same gold studs as the Daleks - very geek chic.


Ah, but I can almost hear some of you complaining that the Daleks themselves are not cake.

Not to worry: Big Daddy Dalek is IN DA HOUSE:

By Stacked Cakes (process pics at the link)

This killer specimen is over two feet tall, and his head can rotate from side to side. WOW. (I'd be terrified, but there's a little step up to my office. So, you know, I'm safe.)


When Androids go green:

By Mike Terry, photo found here.

In case the little cake in his hand didn't give it away, this guy is a wedding cake. And check out how his head is balancing on that tiny post: that is some impressive cake engineering!

Btw, you know your mascot is adorable when your competitor's customers have toy versions of it on their desks. Just sayin'. (Although mine's yellow, not green.)


And while we're talking robot wedding cakes, you guys have GOT to see this one:

Submitted by Gina F. and made by A Cake to Remember

Hang on a sec while I wrap my brain around this:

It's a cake robot...with a cake cake in his lap... SITTING ON A CAKE.

Ok. Yeah.

That is awesome.


When Robots Meet the Robinsons:

Submitted by Julie B. and made by Jean S. of Cakes With Character

I admit it: I just made myself giggle with that joke. Mostly because now I'm imagining the Robot and the T-rex trying to play patty cake.



Here's another shot of him:

 Plus, I'd say the only danger here is that I might start gnawing on one of those slinky arms.


And speaking of slinky arms, I keep seeing this adorable robot all over, so I finally Googled him to find out his name:

By Superstar Pastry Design

Turns out this is Plex from the show Yo Gabba Gabba. Which I'm pretty sure all you moms out there already knew. And since he's from a kids' show, I'm now going to be forced to go investigate what kind of Plex toys are out there. (You know, 'cuz my Android toy is lonely.)


Has anyone else noticed that Doctor Who has all the best robots? K-9, Daleks, and - oh yeah - CYBERMEN:

By Truly Scrumptious Designer Cakes

I've actually featured this cake once before, but the photo I had then was tiny and not the best clarity. This time, I managed to find a great close-up shot:

Just look at all that detail! And this guy is also pretty massive - I think over two feet tall. Wouldn't you love to see him next to the Big Daddy Dalek?


Ok, let's wrap things up with what is arguably the cutest robot in the whole galaxy:

By Kara's Couture Cakes


Now, I've seen a lot of amazing Wall-E cakes, but the added details of the boot planter and Wall-E's pet bug make this one of the BEST Wall-E cakes I've ever seen. It's Awwww-Mazing!


I did my best to find cakes of every famous robot I know, but I couldn't find any for Rosey from the Jetsons, Metropolis, Atlas and P-body, or the Horizons robots from Disney - and I've already posted a personality core (ala Wheatley) from Portal. So, if you know of any robot cakes I missed - or have any other nominations for Sweets - then please send them to me at Sunday Sweets [at] Cake Wrecks [dot] com!