Today is my fifteenth wedding anniversary, and that always gets a girl asking the Big Questions.

Questions like, "What, no cake?"


And, "how do you spell 'anniversary,' anyway?"


And, "Does this seem suspicious to you?"

("It's. Looking. At me.")


After spending one third of my married life writing this blog - which, WOW, amirite? - I've seen enough anniversary cakes to know many have valuable life lessons to teach.

For example, this one reminds us that the first few years of marriage are a learning experience.

A four year "anniversity," if you will.


And this one encourages us to never give up in the face of adversity, poor planning, or earthquakes:


Its always the thought that counts. ALWAYS.


And here's a valuable reminder that, after 24 years, even the most devoted couple might need a little more space:


Love comes in all shapes, sizes, and combinations, so never judge.

Some folks would have given up after, like, TEN weddings - but not these two crazy kids!


And finally, anniversaries aren't just about the big, life-changing moments; they're about celebrating all the everyday things you get to share together. Things like holding hands during the fireworks, or reading to each other on long car rides ... or even just a new pair of dentures:

Though for the record, Sweetie, I think I'm going to draw the line at sharing dentures.


Thanks to Sarah G., Jaime & Jen, Janet R., Mika R., Brad L., Brittany T., Anna F., Christine M., & Kristin R. for helping us celebrate. John and I are in Atlanta today for Dragon Con, btw, so I hope to see some of you here!