Sunday Sweets: Dragon Con 2013

As you may recall from my extreme geek out earlier this week, John and I are at Dragon Con this weekend. Just think: at this very moment I could be passed out on top of a pile of Klingons, joining a conga line of kilted Storm Troopers, or even - EVEN - listening to the seventh Doctor play the spoons.

For those of you missing out on these kinds of experiences, don't fret. I am here to help. With cake.

Which is NOT a lie:

(By Cakes by Beth)

See? And isn't this just the prettiest Portal wedding cake you've ever seen?

All it needs are a bunch of potato-topped cupcakes.


John just discovered Breaking Bad about two weeks ago, and has already marathoned through three seasons of it. By my calculations, that makes me the last person left online who doesn't watch this show. But that's ok, because look at this cake RV:

(By Ava Rose Cakes)

Seriously, that is adorable. Who's a cute widdle mobile drug lab? Who is it? IT'S YOU.


Ok, now for some characters I think we can all recognize:

(Submitted by Aliza R. and made by Debbie Does Cakes)

Who else is hearing the original Mario 8-bit theme music in their head? Just me? (And how perfect is that controller?!)


And while we're having a virtual concert, let's throw in a little screechy soprano action from the original Star Trek series: "AhhhhAHHHahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-AHHHHH..." - you're singing along, right?

(Spotted via; baker unknown. Anyone recognize it?)

"Set phasers to STUNNING."

(Eh? EH?!)


Maybe you're more of a Star Wars fan, though - or just someone who appreciates cuddly little creatures who might try to kill and eat you:

(Found by Renee W., made by The Butter End)

So perfect! And I'm suddenly struck with the need to see a Fozzy Bear/Ewok mashup. "Ewoka-woka-woka!" (Why yes, it IS late and I AM a little punchy. Why do you ask?)


It seems every week here on Sweets there's at least one cake you just can't believe is cake. This week, this is that cake:

(By Antonella Di Maria Torte and Design)

You must be Joker.


We can't have Joker without Harley, though, so here's a little Harley Quinn as cute as Joker up there is creepy:

(By Rachel Manning Cakes)

That tufted quilting makes me want to poke the cake, Pillsbury-Dough-Boy style. And check out how the cake board covering looks like rumpled satin!


Now this is a brilliant Iron Man cake:

(By Brandie Lynn)



Do you smell something?

(Photo by donnafab, made by Charm City Cakes West)

AAAA!! Totally amazing Slimer! Most Slimer cakes I see are... well, slimy, so I love that this one still looks like him without making us lose our appetite with dripping goo. Plus, DAT FACE.

Ah, but it gets better: Slimer is suspended over a trap, and both of them light up:

(Photo by Meredith_zoomtheory)

So. Cool.


Say, can't have a Dragon Con post without a dragon, right?

(Submitted by Chenaya and made by Mike's Amazing Cakes)

This wedding cake looks more like a porcelain sculpture! The couple loved Dungeons and Dragons, btw, which is why the dice are scattered around.


And finally, let's finish with something from another show everyone-but-me watches: Game of Thrones!

(By The Cake Mamas; Photography by Candice Benjamin Photography.
More pics of the incredible wedding here.)

'Course, I don't have to watch the show to tell you that is one GORGEOUS wedding cake. The map! The scales! The swords! And you should click the source link, too, because the bride's bouquet and floral crown are the stuff that fairy tales are made of. So pretty.


Hope you enjoyed my Dragon Con inspired Sweets, guys! And if you're here at the con, keep an eye out for me and John; we have free pins to give-away, and we love meeting you guys! (Or feel free to tweet at me if you haven't found us yet!)