Breaking Sad

Friends, countrymen, meth heads.

Today is a sad day. Or a happy day. A day of mourning. Or rejoicing.

What I'm saying is, today is a day of a lot of emotional stuff, and you are no doubt feeling many things of an emotional nature... because of a TV show.

This cake is breaking, Grad.


I myself am blissfully unaffected by last night's finale, since I don't watch Breaking Bad - but I've watched John go through the emotional wringer with this show, and have picked up a few interesting factoids.


Interesting Factoid #1: Sometimes you DO need chemistry after high school.

Just like you occasionally need to know what laboratory flasks and beakers look like.


Interesting Factoid #2: Blue rock candy will never look the same again.

(Apparently this is a sports thing, NOT someone cheering on a pregnancy test result. Pity.)


Interesting Factoid #3: Bald is badass:

Er... usually.

But of course we Trekkers already knew that.


Interesting Factoid #4: Glasses + a mustache = either Walter White or Mike Ditka:

Your move.


Interesting Factoid #5: Mobile drug labs are, like, all the rage this season.

I couldn't find a motor home cake. Just go with it.


Interesting Factoid #6: Violence is never the answer. Except when it is.

Also, flowers make everything better.


Interesting Factoid #7: Pink teddy bears clearly need some kind of protective society:



And finally, while there are lots of great Breaking Bad cakes out there, I think I'll leave you with these fantastic cookies by Mike of SemiSweet Designs - 'cuz they're way too fun to keep to myself:

Oh, and if you're one of the many planning to wear a yellow hazmat suit this Halloween, do me a favor and carry a hair dryer around with you. And introduce yourself as Darth Vader.



Thanks to Sean P., Wendy M., Charla Y., Lynn G., Mike & Rebecca, Melissa M., D.B., & Sherry L. for being the ones who rock. :)




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