What The Frosting?

No, no, don't tell me, bakers.

Lemme see if I can guess:

Suffocating snowman?


Two-tentacled jellyfish?


Twin highways beside a poppy field?


Dancing lampshade?


Worm wearing a turtle shell?
(Hero in a half shell: EARTHWORM POWER.)


Running Cupcake Man?

Oh! Or McDonald's Fry Guy?


Elmo in a teal turtleneck doing the hula dance with his mouth wide open?

(Admit it: you see it, too.)



Look, bakers, I don't...


I mean, I just can't...




That's it.




Hat tip to Erica, Hollie, Julie B., Emily G., Daemon S., Kerensa J., Rhonda M., & Jullian G., who says she can't wait to scarf one of these down. Heh.

[eyes widening]

Hey, waaaaait a minute...


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