We're Pretty Sure It's Not About Drugs

[All together, now!]  

Puff, the farting unicorn

is so gas-sy.


He frolics with his wrecky friends

in a chain store bakery!


Lounging Staypuft ponies

love that rascal Puff.


But Sparkle Faceplant broke two legs

when things got kinda rough.



Together they would hunt down

all the zombie cookie fails.


And try to keep down incidents

when ponies got impaled.


They never tease poor Pokey

for his sad horn and mane.


But they steer clear of Horny here

That guy is just insane...



Magical thanks to Leann S., Andrea and Anne-Marie S., Andrea McP., Cathy S., Allison H., Elaine E., Ladylockeout, and Stacey H., for helping me wreck one of the most depressing children's songs EVER.



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