Creepy Poetry Counts, Too

Hey, it's National Haiku Writing Month! John! Quick! GET ME THE CREEPIEST CAKES YOU CAN FIND!

[shuffling virtual photographs]




still life of swift death
or delicious iced dessert
cooler heads prevail



buttercream bunions
metaphoric masterpiece
wedding with cold feet



expressive beach tree
dawning realization
calls for a face palm



The hottest new trend:
flaming baby shower cakes
Welcome to hell, B.



Down where it's wetter
Clearly not all that better
Ariel impaled



drowning our sorrows
won't call for giant tampons
and please hold the jam



From 'death do us part'
to avant-garde home decor
Rough divorce, Carol?



Thanks to Karin K., Kate J., Charlene L., Stephanie S., Kristen O., Evelyn D., & Myra F. for making us all count on our fingers. (Admit it; you totally did!)


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