Wait, it's Procrastination Week already? Oh. Well, sorry I didn't tell you guys about it 'til now but I was, uh... really busy.

[innocent whistling]


So, anyway, I've been meaning to show you guys a post I've been working on, and now seems the best time to do it! Here goes...


Father's Day is this week, so it's time to show Dad how you really feel!

("stick up" Heh. Aheh. Heh.)


[This is when I had to go organize my Pinterest boards for a few... weeks.]


Oh! And you know who else likes bunnies? Moms.

Also moths.


[This is when I tried to learn German. Then I gave that up and watched makeup tutorials on Youtube all night, which is why I forgot about this post for a few more months.]


How about this summer heat wave, huh?

Even the frosted flowers are dying!


[I think I slept a lot here.]


Who else is feeling thankful for turkeys?!


[This reminded me of a funny cat video, but by the time I found it it was Spring.]


Hey, have you guys heard this awesome new album??

The 90s are gonna be Mariah's decade, I'm telling you!


Thanks to Kadie W., Robin G., KarateLady, Mary M., & Danielle G., who are no doubt just as impressed as I am that an album cover from 1994 is STILL being used on generic Christmas cakes.

Now go forth and procrastinate, people!


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