Sunday Sweets: April Showers

If you're looking for Easter Sweets, where ya been? Don't you know I posted those LAST week?

Here, go see. I'll wait. [tapping toe]

All caught up? Ready for more? EXCELLENT.

So today, I figured I'd feature some Sweet baby shower cakes. Because that's almost kind of related to Easter, but not really.

Ah, and look! The perfect segue!

(By Cake Central member ChrisJack1)

Peter Rabbit!

As lovely as all that handpainting is, I gotta say, the bunting and soft stripes are my favorite. Pretty as porcelain.


You guys know I'm pretty wary of gender reveal cakes, just because of their potential for hilarious-yet-tasty-disaster. That said, if you're gonna do it, go with this one:

(By Cuteology Cakes)

So. Cute. I love the bright zingy colors.


This next cake is full of Win...nie:

(By Little Cherry Cake Co.)

...the Pooh, that is. :)
And I think I speak for us all when I say getting this cake would be no bother.


From one adorable bear to another:

(By She Likes Surprises)

He looks like a well-loved toy from a black-and-white movie; only the nose gives him away. And how great is that buttercream "fur?"


A little birdie told me you guys are gonna love this cake:

(By Atelié Allessandra Caldeira)

And that blue bird! I'm all atwitter!


This white stencil over watercolor pastels is one of my new favorite things:

(By Oh Sugar! and photo by Shutterly Sweet Photography)

Those colors!


Remember those terrible mustache cakes from last week? Well take note, bakers: THIS is how you make a sweet hipster cake:

(By Cake Central user rebbateman)

The chevrons! The argyle! The suspenders and bow tie!!


I'm not sure if this is Babar the Elephant, or just a royal superhero elephant:

(By Studio Cake)

Either way, I'm smitten with his little cape and pennant.


Can you ever have too many adorable bears? Let's find out:

(By Tessa Tina)


That nubby "fur" texture is amaaaazing. Not to mention the little sugar bicycle!


Of course, you don't always need lots of detail; sometimes a simple design with one fabulous sugar topper will do:

(By Cake Central user Bengals)

That sprinkle coating perfect! And here's hoping that adorable Heffalump is now decorating some lucky boy or girl's nursery.


And finally, I am positively fawning over this dish of retro kitsch:

(By Corrie Cakes)


I will now sit here and coo over those teensy butterflies, the handpainted deer, the floral swag, and all the bright yellows and teals and pinks. MMMMM. So good.


Hope your Easter Sunday is as bright and sweet as these cakes!

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