Sunday Sweets: Studio Ghibli

John and I watched My Neighbor Totoro for the first time last week, and now I'd like to know where this movie has been all our lives. SO GOOD.

So now that I'm newly inspired by all things Miyazaki, I thought I'd round up the best Studio Ghibli cakes I could find. Even if you're like me and haven't seen all of them yet, these gorgeous cakes are still a treat on their own!

My Neighbor Totoro

(By Sugarland)


Here's John's new favorite character: Catbus!

(By La Vie Douce Design)


Kiki's Delivery Service

(By Heartache Cakes)


And here's Kiki's cat, Jiji:

(Baker unknown; anyone recognize it?)


Howl's Moving Castle

(By Blue Note Bakery)


Princess Mononoke

(By Tramie's Kitchen)



(By Sweet Perfection Cakes)


Spirited Away

(Submitted by Marianna C. and made by J's Sweets)


(By SweetCelebrationsUS)


(By Tartas Para Desear)

Check out the Soot Sprite border - and the little ones holding the 27!


(By Cake Over Heels)


And all of them together, now!

(By Heartache Cakes)


(By Little Bite Bake Shop)


Hope you enjoyed the Ghibli Goodies, everyone! Happy Sunday!

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